Studio Policies.

Late Cancellation Policy:

Any appointment cancelled less than 24 hours or a no show will incur a FULL SERVICE charge, no exceptions.

Accepting my cancellation policy is a REQUIREMENT to be my client. My cancellation policy requires MINIMUM 24 hours notice for any appointment to be cancelled or rescheduled for ANY REASON (yes, any reason i.e. illness, work schedule change, going into labor, harsh weather, etc.). This also applies to being late by 15 minutes or more for your appointment. My massage therapy business is my livelihood and my income relies on my clients showing up for their scheduled appointments. I wish to build my client relationships on a foundation of mutual respect for each other's time. My policy is not a punishment, it shows me you respect my time, intention, and small business. Thank you for your understanding.

Don’t want to pay the fee? Find someone you know who can make take your space for the time/date/session length scheduled and you will not be responsible for paying.

Tardiness Policy:

Every appointment will always end at it’s scheduled time. If you are late to your appointment, it will end at the time it was originally scheduled to end at and full service price will be charged. Tardiness to an appointment of 15 minutes or later is considered a “no show” and will require the client to pay a no show fee and reschedule for a later date.

"No Show" Policy:

Tardiness to any appointment 15 minutes or more, or not showing up for your appointment period, is considered a “no show” and will required to reschedule and pay full amount of the service price. Any no shows will automatically be charged the full amount of the service price. Thank you for respecting my time and service.

Frequent Rescheduling Policy:

If a client reschedules more than 3 times, scheduling privileges will be revoked.

Agreeing to my policies are a requirement for booking an appointment with me. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me for further information. Thank you!